Tuesday, August 28, 2007

¡Tengo mi mama en España!

Yesterday evening i received an email from AHA International informing me of my host family. Mi mama is Maria Rodriguez Alonso. She is a divorced mother of three (2 girls and a boy), in her 50's. All of her children are grown, living on their own, and her daughters are married with children. She was encouraged by her son to host students after her daughter went on exchange to Florida. Recently she completely remodeled her new apartment, where another student (Caitlin) and myself will each have our own room. Maria works in the mornings and enjoys sewing as well. Her new apartment is only 5 minutes walking from school (the University of Oviedo) and 15 minutes walking to the center (heart) of Oviedo!

Caitlin, my host roomate goes to UO as well and is majoring in Spanish and Psychology, just like myself. We have been writing each other messages back and forth since yesterday evening when we found out we will be living together in Spain!

Now that I have my living situation settled and i know who my host family is, i am getting increasingly more excited. I received a big packet of information in the mail the other day and i am eager to read it through in its entirety along with my other orientation materials.

I was going to email mi mama because one of my friends who is going to Spain as well said she wrote her host family an email, but I checked and Maria does not have email or a cell phone. That probably means she does not have internet in her home and its a good choice that I am not bringin my laptop!

Here is mi mama in the center with her daughter Marlene and other students she has hosted.

Take care everyone!!


cole said...

this is all so exciting ky! sounds like you got a good mama! and it's kind of cool you got put with another UO student! how exciting :) :)

Joyce Trapasso said...

Hi Kyla, trying to locate Maria i(mi mamá en España en el año 2000) en Oviedo. Let me know if you can help in any way! Thanks! ~Joyce