Friday, September 21, 2007

Almost packed!!

So its now less then a week until I leave and I have packed my bags (with the exceptions of a few things). I am eager to begin my travels, which is going to take almost 30 hours, including layovers. The time change is 9hours ahead of US pacific standard time, for those who did not know.

Hmmm..Lets see...there is not much else to say except that I AM READY! I just want to get there and begin my adventure! This weekend will be full of spending time with my family, going to eugene to see a few friends and then saying my goodbyes! My fight leaves at 8:45am so my parents and myself will be leaving Corvallis quite early in the morning. I have a feeling I am going to experience horrible jetleg because of the time change and traveling for more then a day. Lets hope i adjust quickly!

Ok well this might be my last post before I am in Spain or on my way!

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mamajean said...

Hey Kyla. Nicole told me you arrived safely. Have a great time, and I'll check your blog to see how you're doing.