Monday, October 22, 2007

Voy a ver Supersalidos (Superbad)!

Tonight im going to see Superbad in spanish! I dont know if i will understand the sacrcastic humor because it is an American film, but it should be fun! I dont know why they call it Supersalidos here because salidos does not mean bad. salidos comes from the verb salir which means to go. Ohwell! Monday nights movies are cheaper so thats why we are going tonight!

I was suppose to have a test tomorrow, but its been rescheduled to thursday! YAY! There is a speaker discussing some sort of Midieval Literature tomorrow, and my teacher thinks it would be great for our class since we are studying romance and love during the Media Edad (500-1000).

My weekend was great. Today is the first day I havent seen the sun yet. When i went to Leon it was gorgeous. Its half the size of Oviedo (100,000), and the cathedral there was amazing! We also went to see a famous building designed by Gaudi an architect from the late 1800´s to the early 1900´s. After spending the entire day exploring and shopping we came home tired! We still wanted to go out though so we hurried home at 1030 and met back up at midnight. I had a lot of energy for awhile, but then i plumetted at around 2:30 and got a taxi home with a couple girls. Usually i just walk home with Caitlin, but she was out of town with her boyfriend. Oviedo is really safe, but i wont walk home that late at night, im not that confident with the city, and i get scared too easily! Ill walk to and from the bus station to meet up with friends, but as Carmen our program director put it ¨girls you are worth a taxi!¨ and i agree!!!

I ended up sleeping in until 1pm, but my host mom didnt mind. She said sundays are for sleeping, so that is perfectly normal! I think im starting to get sick, which i figured would be inevitable because pretty much everyone in my program is either sick or has already been sick in the past month. I took airborn 3 times yesterday because it said i could take it every 3 hrs. And even if im already sick i think i can avoid getting sicker. Right now i just have one of those awful sounding coughs, and if i can avoid feeling achy and super tired that would be amazing!

This week is going to feel short for me because I leave at 830 pm for seville on Thursday! I cant wait!!! It will be my first time to Southern Spain and i have heard it is very different. Spain and the US are similar in that there are many cultural, climate, and physiological differences from one part of Spain to another. One thing that i bet not many of you know is that people from Austurias (Oviedo`s principitality) consider themselves the only ones that are actually from Spain beause the rest of Spain was conquered. They even will get offended if you talk about other people from different parts of spain and call them Spainiards. Spainards are very proud! They dont move often, so their home pueblo or city is very important to them!

My next few weeks are going to be busy besides my travels to Seville. I think i will have several tests coming up because Im pretty sure i get tested every month or so. Also I am going on an excursion with my program the following week after Seville, and then i hope to go to Barcelona the weekend after that! That will put me into mid november! CRAZY! my friend that im going to see in Seville this weekend is also coming to visit Oviedo, November 16-19th. Basically im all booked up for the next month!

Ok! well its time for class! love you and miss you all!

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