Monday, December 17, 2007

The end is near!

I cant believe this Sunday im going to be in Oregon!!!!!! Im going to be in my bed. AHHH i cant believe it. Im starting to get anxious and i hate that feeling. Its hard to sleep and i keep thinking about delays with my flights, given the time of year! I know im going to miss Spain, but i really feel like the end here is very anticlimatic. I feel like ill miss Spain after im home and im used to the American way of life again, and ill wish i was traveling every weekend and not having homework everyday!

I feel like the end is anticlimatic because we had our end of the year party on Dec 4th and i dont leave until the 22nd of Dec. I had all of my finals last week, only one this week, and now i have 3 more days of going to class...which is pretty much pointless because im not being tested on any of it. Its kind of weird how they structurize the end. We have class when we have finals, and our finals are all different days, depending on the level you are in and the classes you are taking. For me, im all done. Now im pretty bored, since i dont have any money, anything to study for...pretty much nothing to do the next few days. I get out and go walking and explore, but Oviedo is my home, its not a new city or new country, ive been living here the last 3 months. Here i can be independent, but at the same time i cant. I dont have a car and even though i live in a home i cant cook or have friends over. I have promised myself i wont start packing until Thursday because i need to have something to do! haha. On friday im going to go on a hike which should be nice...but the time is definately passing slowly. Last night Caitlin, Maria, and I watched Dirty Dancing in Spanish. Quite amusing to say the least! BUT i must say after Sunday when im home i definately wont miss the horrible Spanish dubbing. Its annoying to here the voices changed when you have to watch the normal characters with horrific drab accents! I have been watching a lot of CNN international lately, mostly to find out about the weather, and a little bit to be updated on worldly news! Its the only channel we have in English. I dont mind watching tv in Spanish, its just, like i said, all the shows that i enjoy in america are dubbed in horrible spanish here!

Well im going to head home. The weather is frigid here! so so so cold! i definately need to get home because i didnt prepare for this kind of weather! Maria has the heat on, but not enough! i sleep with two pairs of pjs on and then two tshirts and a sweatshirt! When i go out i wear two pairs of socks, a scarf, and mittens too! I think its probably the same weather as home, but since i walk EVERYWHERE you feel the cold more! Also there is no precipitation, no clouds, so it feels even colder, the clouds hold in some warmth!

Take care! My iternary home is bus to madrid. then 6 hrs in the madrid airport. flight to frankfurt, germany. short layover. then flight to portland!!!!

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